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Lease Car Inspection and Returns

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Drivers can save money by doing a lease car inspection and repairing excessive wear and tear prior to returning the car

The process of returning a leased vehicle can result in unwanted surprises. If there is more wear than the leasing company deems “normal wear” in any part of the car, there will probably be corresponding charges to correct any problems.

Most drivers are aware of mileage limits and expect a per mile charge if mileage exceeds the expected level. Similarly, the return of a leased car in need of cosmetic body repair beyond what the leasing company allows can be a rude awakening for drivers.

Since the leasing company is really just a finance company, you can expect to be charged handsomely for them to handle the logistics and markup on the cost of any repairs. Each leasing company and car company has their distinct set of standards. For example, some car manufacturers providing customer financing offer allowances for some minor damage they deem “normal wear and tear” over the term of the lease.  Honda for instance, has provided up to $1500 of allowances for their particular definition of what “wear and tear” means. Continue reading