Do You Need To Wax A Car?

Time to wax a car - AutoColor - Madison - Middleton WI

When you do not wax a car, blemishes like this will abrade your finish (see below)

One of the most common questions we hear is exactly what the headline asks, ‘do you need to wax a car?’. People think modern car finishes are made to not be waxed, but it simply is not true. You should wax a car to protect the paint and clear coat. When you wax a car you preserve oils in the paint helping to prevent oxidation.

It’s not uncommon for car owners to be diligent with regular engine maintenance of their vehicle and ignore the exterior completely. This can lead to a great running car with a dull finish, or even worse, a finish with ugly, uncorrectable blemishes. These blemishes actually are spots or areas where the finish has been compromised. Reduced protection leads to oxidation, rust and overall failure. And, if you think your car is not exposed to damaging elements, think again. Listed below are common, everyday threats to a car’s finish that should motivate car owners to wax a car. Continue reading