Headlight Repair

Headlight Restoration With Lifetime Warranty In Madison WI

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Headlight restoration can rejuvenate the looks of your car very quickly

Headlight restoration of foggy headlights is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your car look fresh again.

There is no doubt that after headlights have yellowed or fogged, they make even the nicest cars look old, weathered and dumpy. That is true whether you are driving a Lexus, Cadillac or a Ford.

Glass Headlights Did Not Require Headlight Restoration

Older cars had glass headlight lenses and they were always clear. The bad news was the lenses were more susceptible to cracks or breaking. The new poly carbonate headlights are much tougher than their glass predecessors and if they do break, they will not explode into scores of pieces and shards. There is just a crack in the molded lens. Continue reading