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Alloy wheel repair on damage like this can make make a tired looking car look fresh again

Alloy wheel repair has become one of the most used appearance services offered by Auto Color of Middleton, serving the Madison WI area.

It’s no secret contemporary car designs look great and function more economically. Sleek aerodynamic lines are accentuated by alloy wheels with painted finishes. In fact, 70% of the wheels on modern cars are alloy wheels with a painted finish.

The result is the sheer number of cars on the road dictates the need for alloy wheel repair. Scratches, scrapes, scuffs and other damage requiring alloy wheel repair occur daily, making the most beautifully designed car look tired and tattered.

Alloy Wheel Repair – What Causes The Damage

Alloy Wheel Paint | Madison WI | Auto Color of Middleton

About 70% of the wheels on the road can be repaired with expert alloy wheel paint application

Overwhelmingly, curb damage is the biggest contributor to the need for alloy wheel repair. Parallel parking where curbs are hit when either backing in or pulling forward causes the largest amount of damage.

Usually the tire profiles protrude to help protect wheels. However, a flat wheel profile increases the chances alloy wheel repair will be needed. Curb height can also contribute a great deal to wheel damage; especially higher curbs angled toward your vehicle.

Alloy Wheel Paint Options

Alloy wheel paint variations feature a wide variety of looks you can see on contemporary vehicles every day. Alloy wheel refurbishment techniques are used with the following alloy wheel variations –

  • Painted metal
  • Clear coated metal to protect against oxidation
  • Chrome finish
  • Painted silver with very fine metal flakes (imperceptible to the eye)

Wheels You Cannot Repair

Alloy wheel refurbishment | Madison WI | Auto Color of Middleton

Alloy wheel refurbishment can help many wheels look like new

Chrome metal wheels with scratches cannot be repaired. To get the “new” look back for a chrome wheel means you will have to buy a new wheel. In the case of a plastic wheel cover painted chrome, the same applies. You will need to purchase a new wheel cover.

Spun Aluminum wheels are also impossible to return to their original form because they need to be fashioned to the original condition for a repair to be made. High gloss metal cannot be repaired with paints as you can with the most common alloy wheel repair situations.

Your Auto Color alloy wheel repair specialists can usually make your scuffed or scraped wheels look as good as new. Most alloy wheel repairs can be done for $100 – $150. For much, much less than buying a new wheel, you can restore the sharp, great look your wheels had when rolling out of the showroom.

Visit either of our two Madison WI area locations – our Middleton location on Parmenter Street and our new location on the southwest corner of Stoughton Road and Buckeye Road (formerly Dent Dr). These locations provide ease of access for surrounding cities including Verona, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Sauk City, McFarland, Middleton, Monona, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie and Deforest and all of Dane County. We provide the highest quality alloy wheel refurbishment services.

For help with your alloy wheel repair and the best body shop value in Madison WI, call Auto Color at 608-831-9554 or email us.

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