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OEM vs Aftermarket parts can impact the total cost of your auto body repair in Madison WI

Auto body repair sometimes requires replacing damaged parts with new parts. Selecting the correct “new” parts is as much an art as it is a science.

When technicians are planning an auto body repair, they are most concerned with the Fit, Function and Finish of the replacement parts. After all, the goal of the repair is to make it look as good as possible given the damage it has and the budget the car owner has.

Body Repair Parts Basics In Madison WI

In auto body repair. there are 3 categories of parts –

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Aftermarket (Produced by a third party to Manufacturer specifications)
  • LKQ (Like Kind and Quality)

As a consumer, knowing the options available is important. It is especially important depending on the vehicle requiring repair. Given the value of your vehicle and its importance to you, know how much you are willing to spend on the repair. And, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

OEM Parts For Body Repair

Body Repair | Auto Body Repair| Madison WI | Auto Color

Aftermarket parts can often perform as well as OEM parts in many cases

OEM parts are designed specifically for your vehicle. And, they are built by the original manufacturer of your vehicle. So, Buick drivers will then get their replacement part from Buick. Ford drivers from Ford, and so on. OEM parts should function exactly as the part being replaced. The fit and function should be perfect and the quality the highest.

Aftermarket Body Repair Parts in Madison WI

Aftermarket parts are made by a third party. The parts could be an exact replacement of the part being replaced or a variation used to customize the vehicle, changing its performance or its looks. There are a large variety of manufacturers making aftermarket parts. The result is a wide range in terms of quality. An industry organization called CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) test aftermarket products and may have information on the parts you are considering. Aftermarket parts are less costly because they are copies of the original. The aftermarket manufacturers do not have to invest in research and development and often have less stringent quality standards.

LKQ Auto Body Repair Parts in Madison WI

LKQ stands for like, kind, and quality. LKQ parts are recycled parts. They can vary greatly in quality and cost. Technically they are OEM parts. However, they may have issues with previous problems such as prior damage or paint matching issues. They can be challenging, but the right LKQ parts can provide some of the highest quality parts with a lower price.

Most auto body repair professionals select OEM parts because they have met Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and fit your vehicle better. However, if price is a factor in your auto body repair decision, Auto Color’s highly trained body repair professionals in Madison WI know the best aftermarket manufacturers to work with. In some cases, an insurance company will dictate what part for which they will pay and provide very specific options. If aftermarket parts are specified, consumers usually have an option to accept aftermarket parts or demand OEM parts, paying the difference in cost.

Auto Color is Madison’s Auto Body Repair Alternative

If you are looking for the most cost effective auto body repair in Madison WI, Auto Color routinely helps by identifying multiple repair options.

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