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A small puncture opens up your seats to serious damage. A professional can make this look like new.

The longer you own your vehicle the more likely you will need auto upholstery repair. You get in, you get out over and over. Upholstery – leather and fabric – wears with every movement. And, the extremes in Madison WI area weather don’t help.

There are do-it-yourself options as band aide fixes. When you want a really custom, professional job go to an auto body shop.

Routine Care Limits Auto Upholstery Repair

A lot is said about keeping the exterior and mechanical aspects of your ride bright and shining, but what do you know about the inside? Does the operator’s manual detail how to keep leather seats, dashboards and carpets clean? Does it suggest ways to avoid excessive wear?

Professional auto body shop technicians know how to care for the entire vehicle, inside and out. Here are suggestions to keep yours out of the repair shop for as long as possible:

  • Vacuum regularly, vigorously – whether you use the system at a local car wash or your household tool, keeping the inside of your vehicle clean is a major step. Not only do you get rid of dust, dirt and debris you’ll also remove grit that grinds down into seams, cupholders and the gearshift area. Don’t neglect a good cleaning in the winter. Removing salt residue as soon as possible protects carpet and upholstery.
  • Don’t forget the trunk – vacuum the trunk when you’re vacuuming your car. Excess dirt and grim can cause corrosion to the floor, spare tire and jack.

Once you’ve finished vacuuming, go over the rest of the interior thoroughly. Professionals suggest:

Auto Upholstery Repair | Madison WI | Auto Color

A little wear and tear (right) leads to rips and cracks if not attended to in the early stages.

  • Use special cleaners – to keep leather from cracking it needs care. Use cleaning products specifically formulated for use on leather. After cleaning, use a leather conditioner to help keep it pliable.
  • Avoid detergent formulas – the cleaning products found under the kitchen sink may do more harm than good to your interior surface. Use specific carpet and upholstery cleaner. These use little moisture so there’s less chance of mold or mildew insider your car.
  • Keep the dashboard clean – the dash collects dust and airborne bacteria. Vacuuming helps but wiping it out with a clean cloth is the best protection. There a products available to protect and clean these surfaces.
  • Resist the urge to patch – if upholstery is ripped, torn, cracked or faded its best to have a professional complete auto upholstery repairs. An experienced pro knows all the tricks of the trade and will make the job almost invisible.

Auto Body Shop Pros Tab Sun as Biggest Threat

The sun and the heat that it generates is the biggest threat to any vehicle’s interior. Left unprotected dashboards, seats, armrests and anything else directly exposed crack, fade and weaken. The stresses of temperature extremes deteriorate fabrics, leathers and even man-made materials. The padding on dashboards has split when a vehicle rem ains in the open during a mid-winter cold snap.

Everyone has heard of the danger of leaving children and pets in a closed car, even on cool days. Car-makers are engineering better plastics, fabrics and metals to withstand the extremes of the Madison climate, but nothing is perfect. Even UV-blocking tinted windows aren’t enough to keep the sun’s potentially damaging rays from sneaking in.

Sun Damage Symptoms

Exposed to too much sun, the natural oils in leather seats and trim will gradually evaporate. The seats will dry out and stiffen. Left untreated the leather cracks. The natural oils that have dried out cannot be replenished.

Upholstery made of cloth, suede and imitation leather is not immune. It fades, tears and cracks from too much sunlight.

Prevention is the best insurance. Use a windshield shade if you have to park in the sun for extended periods. Best choice, park in the shade. Unfortunately, prevention isn’t always a long-term option. Repair is the next step. It is always less expensive than replacing your interior features.

Work With Auto Body Shop Professionals

Auto upholstery repair covers a range of services. When your car’s interior shows signs of wear and tear, there’s a high probability it can be reconditioned. At its Madison area locations, Auto Color provides:

  • Auto Upholstery Cleaning –reconditioning services for part or the entire interior
  • Auto Upholstery Repair –skilled technicians repair leather and other materials anywhere inside your vehicle.
  • Spot Upholstery Repairs –mending fabric or leather with fabric to match, replacing interior panels, meeting every challenege at the highest level.

When you need reliable vehicle repairs, inside or out, call Auto Color. Visit either of our two complete auto body shop locations in the Madison WI area – West on Parmenter Road in Middleton and East on Stoughton Road.

Call Auto Color Middleton at 608-831-9554 or Auto Color East Madison at 608-221-5041, or email us to enlist the efforts of skilled auto body shop and car detailing expert technicians to provide complete auto upholstery repair in Madison WI.

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