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Making repairs and replacing windshields in a controlled environment makes the work easier and the outcome more predictable.

In a climate-controlled auto body shop you improve your chances of a flawless windshield repair. A team of trained windshield technicians have all the tools to do the job right and quickly. And there’s no chance of Madison WI weather interrupting the job. Contamination of the work area is the No. 1 threat to quality repairs.

Rain, snow and extreme temperatures all threaten a quality windshield fix in your driveway. And, even on nice days a breeze blowing dust and small debris around creates problems for a mobile windshield replacement. Too much wind creates physical problems with a windshield installation as the new glass swings into place. Even a little breeze threatens a perfect seal. A new windshield has to be installed onto a dry frame, so any precipitation puts the seal at risk.

In-shop Or On-site Windshield Repair

“Come to you” auto glass services are convenient. However, when you can take your vehicle to a shop the result is almost always better.

There are two situations when mobile repairs are the logical choice:

  1. Your vehicle cannot be driven safely with its windshield damage.
  2. Simple repairs are possible “after business hours” or while you’re at work.

And, under the restrictions and precautions in place for 2020 and beyond, some people aren’t comfortable leaving home for extended periods. An on-site technician usually completes the task in an hour or two.

Depending upon how your vehicle was damaged there might be dents, dings or frame damage associated with the broken windshield. A body shop is equipped to handle every related problem, large or small.

Work done in a professional shop may be less convenient but a well-equipped body shop provides technicians with superior equipment to take on any repair challenge.

Consider this real-life case:

A windshield had cracked in an upper corner. Cold temperatures expanded it to half the windshield. The owner took the vehicle to a shop specializing in auto glass repairs. After about 30 minutes a technician reported he would not proceed because he thought the crack was the result of a bad weld in the windshield frame.

“So, how do we find out if that’s what it is?” asked the owner.

“I would have to take the windshield out,” was the answer.

“Then what?”

“If it is the weld you’d have to take it to a body shop to get fixed before putting in the new glass.”

“So, you’d expect me to drive without a windshield or pay for a tow because you aren’t sure? That would triple the cost.”

If that vehicle was in an AutoColor shop all the necessary work could be done on-site.

Measure Auto Glass Replacement Success

Windshield Repair | Madison WI | AutoColor

Starting as a small ding these cracks can expand in afternoon sun to ruin the windshield.

Whether repairing a small chip or a full-frame crack, auto glass repair is serious business. Poor workmanship or improper techniques lead to future problems. Problems that put driver and passengers at risk.

The common situations to look for include:

  • Water leaks – when the seal around a windshield replacement isn’t properly seated water finds a way inside. Another case in point, a driver cruising the freeway around Chicago in a heavy rain suddenly found he and his passenger showered with spray – the seal around the top of his newly installed windshield was leaking in several places. While most leaks aren’t as drastic, you expect a new windshield to keep the elements outside, right?
  • Noise – anything from a “whoosh” to a high-pitch whistle at high speed is an indication the seal isn’t solid all around the window.

Replace The Windshield Or Repair It

Modern technology makes it possible to repair a variety of small imperfections in windshields. Insurance companies like the idea of fixing the window rather than replacing it – and many over repairs without invoking your deductible.

When it comes to windshield repair vs. replacement, timing is essential. Small chips and cracks are often easy to repair when they first show up. Catching them when they’re still small is most important. They may look harmless at first, but even small chips don’t stay that way. Temperature fluctuations and vibrations cause small cracks to expand. Park your car in the office parking lot with a little “divot” in the windshield in the morning and after an all-day baking in the hot sun you’ll return to a windshield-wide crack. Neglecting small problems leads to more difficult and more costly solutions.

While there are advances in technology that make repairs more common every day, sometimes your windshield has to be replaced. Here are a few signs that replacement not repair is the best choice:

  • The windshield glass is pitted in more than one place
  • There’s a crack that’s several inches long
  • You have chips that are larger than a quarter in diameter
  • Cracks connect to the edges of the windshield
  • There’s a crack directly in the driver’s line of sight – even the best repairs cannot guarantee perfectly clear vision
  • The damage penetrates the layers of glass – a “BB” shot-like hole goes straight through

Consult A Pro For Windshield Repair

If you have any doubts, stop in at one of AutoColor’s two locations for an expert opinion. As a full-service auto body shop we have all the necessary tools and materials to complete windshield replacements or repairs quickly and efficiently. No matter whether your cracked windshield is the result of a loose roadside rock, hail or a fender bender we have the skills and training to make it right. A blemish in your windshield is bad enough without having to worry about the quality of the repair, right?

AutoColor has two of the top auto body specialty shops within easy reach of Madison area resident. Our experienced repair professionals keep up with the latest technology. When your car, truck or SUV needs its windshield fixed or replaced visit us for an expert consultation and recommendations for the most efficient, cost-effective solution.  Stop in out West on Parmenter Road in Middleton or on the East Side on Stoughton Road.

Call AutoColor and schedule your visit. Putting top-flight facilities and skilled technicians to work on your vehicle is worth the effort, right? Tap our expertise whenever you need windshield repair or replacement throughout the Madison WI area.

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