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Take pride in your ride – professional auto detailing improves your vehicle’s value and your state of mind.

The majority of vehicle mishaps requiring body shop repairs are relatively minor. The size and shape of common fender benders is as varied as the size and shape of today’s vehicles. In the Madison WI area, the common auto body shop tasks fall into five basic categories:

  • Dent Removal
  • Collision repairs
  • Auto body painting
  • Detailing and cosmetic corrections
  • Window replacement/repair

While some repairs are readily handled by a skilled do-it-yourselfer, even minor ones should be referred to trained technicians at a trusted auto body repair shop. On your own, you “get what you pay for.” With a skilled professional you get hands-on experience, all the right tools and a company backing the work. We also recommend getting car detailing Madison experts to fix cosmetic issues not caused by the accidents whilst the vehicle is in our shop.

Typical Reasons For Body Shop Repairs

The list of five most common reasons to seek the service of an auto body shop are not in order of importance. The first three are related and interchangeable – one usually is the result of or leads to another. Consider them one at a time…

Dent Removal

Dents in your vehicle come from dozens of sources. They can be the result of careless people in parking lots, random accidents or acts of God. Misguided car doors create creases, parking too close to a Little League diamond poses a risk and hail is always a threat in Wisconsin. If you have children, your vehicle is likely at risk in the driveway.

A professional technician is trained to remove many dents without the need to repaint. With tools designed specifically for the job, paintless dent removal is a valuable option. It reduces the cost and enhances the chances of the damage going unnoticed.

With the latest technology even today’s plastic bumpers are repaired without the need for paint.

Auto Body Painting

Not all auto body paint jobs are the result of dent repairs. Repainting or touching up scratches is among the most common repair jobs. Quality paint is your vehicle’s first line of defense against the elements. It does more than make your ride look good. Damaged, scratched or chipped paint opens up the basic materials beneath it to rust and corrosion.

Touching up paint at home is a last resort. Matching the rest of the vehicle takes skill and experience.

Collision Repair – The Big Bang!

Body Shop Repairs | Madison WI | AutoColor

Skilled technicians with the right tools will have this minor damage looking like new quickly and efficiently.

When vehicles come together some kind of repairs are almost always sure to follow. Collision repairs involve multiple fixes from minor dent repairs and paint to major frame work. Frame repairs require very specialized equipment and skills. Minor repair specialists like AutoColor leave it to their heavy-duty counterparts.

The first step after a collision is to assess the extent of damage. Don’t automatically assume the worst. On the other hand, don’t assume damage is cosmetic and minor, either. Have an auto body professional make sure there isn’t anything that can lead to long-term damage behind the dents.

Lesser-known Body Shop Specialties

A trip to the body shop is a natural consideration for dings, dents and scratches in your vehicle’s paint. But there are additional services dedicated to keeping your car, truck or SUV in prime condition. Two of these specialties are of prime importance to keep your ride looking good and keep you safe:

  • Headlight defogging
  • Vehicle detailing

Most late model vehicles have curved lenses protecting the bulbs of headlights. For a variety of reasons, these lenses fog and become discolored. Not only does this condition make them look bad, it reduces your visibility. With the right tools and proven techniques these stains inside the lenses are readily removed, restoring maximum efficiency to your night-time driving.

It has been said the riding in a clean, sharp-looking vehicle improves your state of mind. That may or not be true, but a well-maintained vehicle – inside and outside – improves its value. A professional car wash, hand-polishing and waxing and attention to even the smallest interior elements is the role of vehicle detailing. Protecting your car’s surface inside and outside is an investment in its life and value.

Detailing goes beyond a car wash. It includes keeping custom wheels and rims looking sharp and upholstery clean and in good repair.

There’s a third lesser-known service: Windshield repairs. While window glass specialty companies get most of the notice, a good body shop is ready to repair window cracks and chips. Doing the job right is as important as doing it fast. Modern windshields are more than just glass. There’s technology within the windshield – radio antennas and rain sensors, etc. – to consider. Fixing small problems without replacing the whole glass safeguards these important elements.

An added bonus: most insurance companies pay 100% for windshield repairs.

Body Shop Repairs – East And West

If one of these situations puts you in need of professional help , check  in with one of AutoColor’s two Madison area location – West on Parmenter Road in Middleton and East on Stoughton Road. AutoColor considers itself a minor body shop because it specializes in these basic needs. So, for anything from a professional car wash and detailing to paint, glass and body repairs AutoColor is ready. We apply the latest technology to all body shop repairs in Madison WI.

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