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Driving around with a fogged headlight lens is risky business. A simple three-step process can brighten your outlook on everything around you.

Foggy headlights have become a fact of life since manufacturers switched from glass to polycarbonate and plastic. It can happen to anybody, and headlight restoration can make things right.

The cloudy appearance is caused by oxidation. Oxidized headlights aren’t necessarily the result of poor maintenance. UV light, road debris and atmospheric chemicals all contribute to the problem. The resulting cloudiness decreases nighttime visibility and should therefore be repaired by a trained technician at an auto body shop.

Polycarbonate headlights are tougher than the older glass headlights. Glass headlights broke under impact and have been replaced as a safety move. With the new lenses, if they do break, they don’t explode into hundreds of pieces.

The new headlights have a UV coating to help protect the plastic lens and extend its life. The coating normally last at least three years. Depending upon local conditions, the polycarbonate lens will look foggy as a yellow coating covers the lens. When it happens a professional restoration will remove the old protective coating that has yellowed and replace it with a fresh clear coating.

Rely Upon A Professional

There are do-it-yourself remedies available but most only wax over the old coating instead of replacing it. This temporary headlight lens treatment is likely to last only a few months. A trained auto body repair technician with the right tools will provide a lasting repair with a reliable warranty.

The professional process is relatively simple. The key to success is the right tools and the right material. Auto Color uses a three-part long-lasting restoration process:

ONE – Strip the old coating completely off of the lens

TWO – Evenly apply an appropriate thickness of a new coating

THREE – Once the coating is completely dry, you have a crystal clear headlight

Headlight Restoration Improves Looks, Safety

Completing a headlight restoration not only gives your vehicle a new, revitalized look but it increases the safety of your passengers and those around you. Increased visibility at night, in the rain and in real fog makes a difference. With fogged, yellowed headlight lenses you’re driving in a fog all the time.

With the replacement costs for new headlights and headlight lenses going at $200 or more, a professional restoration for a fraction of that is a wise investment. And, one that’s guaranteed to last more than a few months is a bargain.

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