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Headlight Restoration is a specialty of AutoColor of Middleton WI – restore your yellowed, foggy headlights

Headlight restoration is a service that was not needed 30 years ago.

Thirty years ago headlights were made of glass. Glass transmits light extremely well and is easy to clean. So why change? The reality is glass breaks easily and cannot be formed into the various forms demanded by car stylists.

In recent years,glass headlights have been replaced by new style polycarbonate lenses that are impact resistant and can be styled as needed. They also can transmit light nearly as well as glass lenses.

Why Headlight Restoration Is Needed

Polycarbonate plastic lenses have many positive qualities. However, like most plastics, it can be scratched and the surface deteriorates when exposed to ultraviolet light (the sun). To overcome these realities, polycarbonate headlights are given a UV-resistant coating. This coating lasts for a number of years, but dirt and grit from the road, frequent washing and UV light gradually wears the coating down. When the coating is worn away, the polycarbonate is exposed to the elements and eventually you will have foggy headlights and will require a headlight restore.

Keep in mind – few things can make a great looking car look shabby more than foggy headlights.

Headlight Restoration Instead Of Replacement

Headlight Restoration | Headlight Restore | AutoColor - Madison WI - Middleton

Yellowed, foggy headlights decrease performance – headlight restoration is recommended to increase safety

Headlight restoration is a practical matter. Replacement headlights can range in cost from $200 to $500. Depending on the make and model of car, replacing one, or especially two, headlights can be an expensive proposition. With AutoColor, the charge for headlight restoration starts at $65 and includes a lifetime warranty against future foggy headlights.

Improve Safety With A Headlight Restore

Often drivers are less comfortable when driving at night as opposed to daytime driving. It makes sense because in daylight it is easy to see other drivers and pedestrians. Nighttime can compromise a driver’s vision and when combined with Madison WI weather such as snow, sleet and rain, having as much light as possible is a necessity, not optional. The fact is reduced vision is a key factor in traffic fatalities, nearly half of which occur at night.

When driving at night, foggy headlights combine with little or no natural light to diminish visibility and pose a significant safety threat to drivers, their passengers and other motorists. Drivers cannot increase the amount of natural light at night, but there are steps they can take to improve their nighttime visibility with headlight restoration.

If the aesthetics of your vehicle and safety are important to you, a headlight restoration of foggy headlights is a great maintenance option.

For more detailed information about a friendly, fast and affordable headlight restoration, call or email AutoColor in Middleton – Madison WI at 608-831-9554.

Headlight Restoration

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