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Interior Car Detailing requires, time, knowledge, ability, proper tools, special equipment and appropriate chemicals and solvents.

Car detailing has many levels of clean.

And, for many reasons, there are cleaning tasks auto detailers can do better and more efficiently than nearly all car owners. Consider the following –

  • Time Required – A pro will take up to six hours to properly complete an interior car detailing. And that is with professional equipment, chemicals and knowledge to use them. What can you supply to the project beyond the time?
  • Knowledge – with interior car detailing, stains, scratches, rips, and other problems all require specific knowledge in how to correct or repair a problem. Car detailing professionals know when to use water based solutions and when to use cleaning agents or chemicals. They also know how to agitate on the area needing attention to get the best results. And, the pros can do this without harming the surface being treated.

  • Equipment – interior car detailing professionals use specialized equipment to extract dirt and stains from carpets, mats and upholstery. Using the correct cleaning agents and adding super-heated water increases cleaning power exponentially. In fact, the power of heated water doubles with each increase of 10 degrees with steam being the most powerful. Car detailing pros have this capability. Most homeowners use cold water to clean which is a much, much less effective cleaning method.
  • Chemicals – especially with interior car detailing, where stains on various surfaces have to be treated with chemicals, having the right options available and knowing how to use the product is a must. Various stains require different treatments. Additionally, depending on what needs to be treated, various chemicals require different “dwell times” to achieve best results. Knowing the chemicals isn’t enough however. Interior car detailing pros also are aware of the materials they are cleaning, the dyes used and how they will be affected by the chemicals. The wrong chemicals can result in stain AND color removal.
  • Tools – There are specialized tools used to get the best results. Without the tools, you may not have the ability to get the best access to areas or attain the best results.
  • Ability – Knowing how to do something is different than doing it correctly with the optimum results. A lot of people know how to throw a football, but few if any can come close to Aaron Rodgers’ ability. The same is true in any endeavor. Properly completing an interior car detailing requires an individual to know what to do and use the tools, equipment and chemicals to attain great results. No burns, tears, scuffs, stains, etc.

DIY Interior Car Detailing

Interior Car Detailing | Madison WI | Auto Color | Middleton

Even if you are willing, getting professional interior car detailing results takes more time than people are willing to spend cleaning their vehicles

When it comes to car detailing, car owners try to do it themselves more often than not. However, interior car detailing has a higher level of complexity because of the varying surfaces including plastic, cloth, leather, rubber and various carpet fibers and all of these with various dyes..

The bottom line is interior car detail Madison WI services can get complicated quickly. And, if you use the wrong cleaning agent or the correct cleaning agent incorrectly, you can easily ruin parts of your upholstery.

To sum things up, assuming you want to commit to the time it takes to do a complete interior car detailing and you want to learn what chemicals, soaps and agents you need and you want to invest in them, asking yourself a few questions might help you in deciding if you want to try to do a complete interior car detailing project.

Questions To Ask Before An Interior Car Detailing

Even if you are willing to commit the time to do the detailing and the money to buy all of the cleaning agents and chemicals you might need, it would be good to answer a few questions before moving forward to protect the interior surfaces of your car.

Assuming you have the time to do an interior car detailing, consider the following –

Do you know what stains require water based solutions?
Do you know which water based solutions to use for various stains?
Do you know what stains require a chemical based solution?
Do you know which chemical based solutions to use for which situations?
Do you have all the chemicals you need or do you have to purchase them?
Do you know how to apply various chemicals?
Do you know what a “dwell time” is and to which treatments it applies?
Do you know the various levels of agitation and how and when to apply them in various situations?
Do you have any equipment to assist you with your interior car detailing and cleaning?
Do you have a steam cleaning unit to clean carpets and floor mats?
Do you have a high powered vacuum design to loosen and pull dirt, sand and grit from carpets?
Do you know how to remove smoking odors from interior surfaces?
Do you know how to remove dog odors and stains from interior surfaces?
Do you know how to remove musky odors from your interior surfaces?
Do you know how to remove cat odors from your interior surfaces?

Be Ready For The Commitment Interior Car Detailing Requires

Interior Car Detailing | Madison WI | Auto Color | Middleton

Knowing what chemicals to use for various stains, odors and materials car even be a challenge for a pro

There a many more situational questions that would take up too much space to review. But consider the time you will spend doing an interior car detailing. An Auto Color pro will spend up to six hours detailing a vehicle. And this includes having the best equipment, a wide variety of chemicals on hand for any issue and the knowledge to use the equipment and chemicals properly, causing no damage to your vehicle.

Most of our customers judge the value of their time. More often than not they entrust Auto Color to do the job better than they could and conserve their time.

If you choose to clean your car’s interior, we wish you the best of luck. For assistance with your interior car detailing, contact the Auto Color pros. Or feel free to visit either of our two locations in the Madison WI area – on Parmenter Road in Middleton or our Stoughton Road location.

Our convenient locations help us serve surrounding cities including Verona, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Sauk City, McFarland, Middleton, Monona, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie and Deforest and all of Dane County.

Call Auto Color Middleton at 608-831-9554 or Auto Color East Madison at 608-221-5041 or email us for help with auto body needs or your car detailing in Madison WI.

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