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A true “fender bender” is a candidate for repair without the need for new paint

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a technique for removing dings and dents in both aluminum and steel panels on cars and trucks. It’sproven to be valuable and economical for collision repairs like door dings, parking lot bumps and even large dents and bodyline damage. It’s a popular choice for hail damage, too.

Paintless dent repair has its place, but it’s not a magic touch. If your vehicle’s paint is chipped or cracked it is not a candidate for the paintless dent removal process. But, because modern automotive paints are extremely hard and resilient it’s an option to consider in almost every case. Surprisingly, the size of the dented area isn’t the limiting factor —  the process works on dents the size of a dime or the size of a football.

When Paintless Dent Repair is the Best Option

For many collision repairs, aa solution that doesn’t require repainting saves both time and money. Major benefits of paintless dent repair include:

  • A paintless solution can be completed quicker – very often as a same-day service
  • Avoiding the painting process maintains the original paint and corrosion protection finish on the vehicle – an important consideration on older vehicles where paint may have faded and be difficult or impossible to match for just a small area
  • Removing dents without having to repaint is a fraction of the cost for traditional body shop collision repairs
  • In many cases, paintless dent removal costs less than insurance deductibles, avoiding claims processing and insurance company involvement

How PDR Works

Removing dents so they don’t have to be repainted is a three-step process:

  1. Assess the Damage – The obvious first step is to answer the question: “How bad is it?” Where is the dent, how big is the dent and how much damage has been done to the painted surface? Industry statistics suggest that 80% to 90% of all dents are candidates for paintless dent removal.
  2. Gain Access to the Dent – To make the required collisions repairs a technician has to have access to the backside of the dented panel. That means body panels, lights and, in some cases, interior panels have to be removed.
  3. Apply Pressure – Utilizing specialized tools and techniques, the damaged surface is massaged back into its original form and position.

The process is more complicated than it sounds and requires specialized tools. Trained technicians use specifically engineered metal rods and body picks to push out dents from the underside of the body panel – and often used specialized tabs to pull from the outside of the panel. The key to successfully completing the process is a unique paintless dent repair light. Either fluorescent of LED, it allows technicians to visualize the deformed area of the dent for precision application of the picks and push rods. Being able to “read” the dent allows technicians to complete the repair to the finest detail.

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