By specializing in plastic bumper crack repair, AutoColor offers a unique and valuable service to Madison area drivers.

Plastic bumper crack repair - AutoColor WI - Madison WI - Middleton WI

Plastic bumper crack repair can be done on nearly bumper crack

In nearly every situation AutoColor professionals can make an undetectable repair to a cracked plastic bumper. This keeps cars looking sharp and will save up to sixty percent of the cost of a new plastic bumper.

Can A Plastic Bumper Crack Repair Be Done Every Time?  

The answer to the question is…yes. However, just because a car owner can choose to have a plastic bumper crack repair performed, it may not always be practical.

In just about every situation, a crack can be repaired seamlessly. Cracks are repaired by plastic welding techniques or with structural adhesives – and the paint can be blended to match the original color.

Plastic Bumper Crack Repair - AutoColor WI - Madison WI - Middleton

Auto Color of Middleton – Madison can repair most plastic bumper cracks so the repair is not detectable

In general, when the repair occurs in a flat area on the bumper, repairs are less complicated and less expensive. There are times, however, when the repair must be on style lines, curved areas or around unique molded areas such as fog lights, etc.. This requires additional time and resources. When this occurs, the expense must be considered on a case by case basis.

Other Benefits With Plastic Bumper Crack Repair

In the majority of situations, a plastic bumper crack repair is the best option. Below are just a few of the related benefits –

  • Bumper repairs can often be done within policy deductibles avoiding the need for insurance claims. This helps drivers keep their insurance premiums as low as possible
  • A repair takes less time
  • A repair uses less material
  • A repair costs less than replacing a bumper (which most auto body repair shops or collision centers would recommend)
  • Effectively repairing is actually a green option – there is no waste being placed in landfills
  • Plastic bumper crack repair is very helpful and can save car owners money with out of production model cars (When vehicles are out of production, parts become scarce over time and as they become scarce, the price of these parts increase – Examples of vehicles or brands include Saturn, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Hummer, Mitsubishi and SAAB. In all of these cases their parts will become increasingly expensive, if parts are available at all)

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