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Detailing puts the new car shine back into your ride.

Even if you’ve religiously cleaned your car or truck all winter, professional auto detailing is a sound investment this spring. Tapping the tools and training of a fully-equipped Madison WI auto body shop will renew your vehicle’s showroom shine. The physical condition of your ride plays a role in your driving enjoyment. That’s just one reason to seek professional workmanship before the blazing hot days of summer.

To avoid confusion, understand that auto detailing is a lot more than a car wash and wax. These elements play just a small part in the overall process.

Why Auto Detailing Is Important

Professional vehicle detailing involves cleaning and reconditioning your car or truck. It’s a meticulous step-by-step process to restore and protect all the components of the exterior – glass, trim, chrome and paint.

What makes detailing so important? Consider:

  • Road salt – salt, mud and chemicals build up on your vehicle during a harsh Wisconsin winter. They penetrate into wheel wells, rims and wheels. They build up on the painted surfaces as well as plastic and rubber parts. A typical winter wash doesn’t clean deep enough to avoid corrosion.
  • Paint quality – paint is more than cosmetic, it protects the metal beneath it from long-term damage. Scrubbing your ride helps make it look good and remove some dirt and grime. But professionals with specially formulated waxes and polishes provide long-term protection.
  • Protecting tires – tires take a beating all year around but never more than in the cold winter months. Oils, salts, road chemicals and brake dust build up and reduce the life of even the best tires. Detailing not only gives them a shine, it removes compounds that lead to sidewall cracks.
  • Improved visibility – headlights receive the brunt of debris coming up off the road. These elements accumulate on headlight, fog light and turn signal lenses. A good deep cleaning restores visibility you didn’t even know you’d lost. Removing the grime makes your travel safer.

Auto Body Shop Technicians Have The Skill And The Tools

No matter how old it is, your vehicle is more than just a way to get around. It is a valued possession. It should be treated as an investment – well-maintained and cared for. There are many things you do on your own but there are also those best handed off to professionals.

What do professionals contribute that most car owners don’t? Consider the top two:

  1. Experience – your experience, or lack of it, might turn a two-hour project into an all-day chore. If, when you’re done, the result isn’t what you hoped for, that then? Using the wrong product or applying it in the wrong way can damage your car. A professional auto body shop stands behind its work. Unless your time is of little value, employing a well-trained, experienced auto detailing technician is a sound investment.
  2. The right tools and cleaning agents – with years of experience, professional detailers have the right tools and products to get your ride looking like new. They know what works and what doesn’t. “Making do” with your tools and off-the-shelf products is a risky option. Trying to match the professional’s tool inventory is costly. A serious auto detailing project is best left to the pros.

Professional Detailing’s Bottom Line

Beyond making you feel good and your ride look good the detailing process serves a valuable purpose. What does professional detailing mean to you in the long run? Consider:

  • Protecting your investment – whether you’re driving a new or preowned vehicle you’ve invested hard-earned money. Consider detailing as you do tire rotations and oil changes. Regular maintenance to the surface of your ride prevents the paint from fading and clear coat from breaking down. Your vehicle lasts longer and retains its value.
  • Improved resale value – when it comes time to trade a well-kept car or truck is far more valuable than one showing its age. A vehicle reflecting a thoughtful, caring owner makes a great first impression.
  • A safer ride – auto detailing doesn’t say “safety” to most people, but a clean car is safer on the roads. Glass surfaces that repel water and clear headlight beams are safer at night and in bad weather. Well-conditioned wipers work better on clean glass. Tires protected from deterioration from chemicals and debris are safer. Seemingly small items in the detailing process make a different.

Rely Upon Body Shop Professionals For Your Auto Detailing

Wisconsin weather takes a toll on every vehicle so the requirement for car detailing Madison WI is important. From chipped paint to dirt, grime and road salt there’s plenty to contend with this spring. A DIY option is tempting, but getting the work done by a team of professionals you trust and that stands behind its workmanship is a long-term investment. Auto Color provides a wide range of services to care for and repair your vehicles. Visit either of our two complete auto body repair shop locations in the Madison WI area – West on Parmenter Road in Middleton and East on Stoughton Road. We’re the auto body shop pros to call when you want a complete professional auto detailing job in the Madison WI area.

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