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A clean repair makes this bumper look almost showroom new at far less than the cost of installing a new one.

When a plastic bumper gets scuffed, dented or cracked it looks bad. Repairing dings and dents in plastic auto body parts is a daily occurrence. Our skilled Madison WI auto body shop technicians have developed techniques making repairs cost-efficient for cars, trucks and SUVs.

The days of buffing out scratches and pounding out dents when the way of white walled tires. Do-it-yourself plastic repairs may look easy but they are not. Fixing a damaged plastic auto body part correctly involves:

  • Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Sculpting
  • Painting

Painting is both art and science. You can get touch up paint that will “match” your vehicle’s factory-applied paint color. When it was new! It takes a trained professional to blend the right color with weathered surfaces so it looks like it has been there forever. Not every auto body shop has the tools and expertise to seamlessly restore your vehicle’s finish. The process includes special plastic welding procedures and the use of complex structural adhesives.

Almost every damaged plastic bumper can be repaired. In addition, repair often costs less than a new bumper – possibly less than your insurance deductible.

Auto Body Shop Bumper Repair Options

Not every crack or dent is a candidate for repair. On a flat surface, repairs require less time and material. Understandably, that holds down costs, too. Damaged to curved surfaces impacting a vehicle’s style lines or molded around features like lights demand more attention. Knowing when a repair is the best option is a major role of an auto body shop specialist. Professionals understand the hidden problems that boost costs.

As technology advances, more and more damage to bumpers made from modern plastics are candidates for repair. Auto Color suggests options to consider when weighing repair vs. replacement, including:

  • Costs less than insurance deductible – many times basic repairs cost less than the deductible on your insurance policy. You avoid an insurance claim to keep premiums as low as possible.
  • Total cost is less than a new part – a replacement bumper or plastic part, plus installation time, costs more than repairs.
  • Fixing the problem is faster – repairs often take less time than ordering and replacing the entire bumper and related parts.
  • Repair is environmentally-friendly – fixing minor damage keeps plastic materials from landfills (although more and more plastic parts are recycled).
  • The best option for older models – crack repair may be the only viable option for older model vehicles when parts are hard to find.

Outwardly a crack or dent in a bumper may not look like it’s “worth fixing.” On the other hand, there are situations when doing nothing makes matters worse. A damaged fender causes strain on a wheel, tire or related parts. Damaged bumpers impact lights and access to the engine compartment or truck.

What’s Behind A Plastic Bumper

Bumpers are designed to absorb impacts from front- or rear-end collisions. They protect vital auto parts and passengers. A ding or dent that looks superficial might have underlying consequences. Even slight surface damage weakens the integrity of the entire bumper and may compromise other components. Consider what even a slight impact does to:

  • Bumper impact absorbers – buffers between the bumper and the frame made of plastic or Styrofoam. They take the force of a collision to spare vital parts.
  • Bumper reinforcement – known as bumper bars they strengthen the structure. Damage reduces the overall efficiency of the bumper system.

When either of these weakens, the vehicle is subject more serious damage if there’s another collision. It takes a professional to recognize when these parts need attention.

Plastic Bumper Repair Is Our Specialty

Restoring Dented, cracked and scratched bumpers is an Auto Color specialty. Our exclusive processes focus on damaged areas rather than replacing a plastic bumper. More importantly, Auto Color guarantees its workmanship.

Auto Color provides a wide range of services to care for and repair your vehicles. Visit either of our two complete auto body shop locations in the Madison WI area – West on Parmenter Road in Middleton and East on Stoughton Road. We’re the auto body shop pros to call when you need a plastic bumper repair in the Madison WI area.

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