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Like throwing acid on your car, the heavy doses of road salt used in a typical Wisconsin winter will begin corroding even the smallest crack in the paint, ding or dent.

When the sludge and grime of winter is washed off the need for auto body repairs often shows through. The slightest ding, dent or scratch is an open wound inviting serious rust damage. Professional care from trained technicians heads off serious corrosion and fresh auto body painting restores the surface. After a typical Madison WI winter, small dents and paint scratches are often overlooked. Attention to these details now saves additional aggravation and cost down the road.

Consider Auto Body Repairs Now

“It’s just a little scratch.” That attitude puts your vehicle at risk. Consider these reasons to act now:

  • Corrosion/Rust – True, most modern vehicles are built with materials that are mostly corrosion resistant. Resistant, not corrosion-proof. The paint is decorative rather than a real essential element protecting the materials beneath. But it still serves an anti-corrosion function. Chips, scratches and cracks in the paint still open the surface for corrosives to penetrate. Auto body painting not only restores good looks, it replaces this protective barrier. Simple auto body repairs on even minor cracks with exposed edges – the paint can weather and chip – and large, deep scratches are critical, especially in areas where winter corrosives are prevalent and when summer heat, sun and humidity are intense.
  • Long- vs. Short-term Costs – The most common reason people avoid minor auto body repairs is the cost. Consider the cost vs. value of the vehicles. Leaving the vehicle open to potential structural damage from corrosion in the future leaves you open to even greater repair and auto body painting costs as well. And, there will come a time to trade or sell your vehicle. Small scratches, dings or chips don’t keep you from getting where you’re going, but they can halt a sale – and reduce the price – when the time comes. First impressions count with vehicles, too. Would-be buyers assume a poorly maintained exterior reflects the same lack of attention under the hood.

Prevention vs. Cure

Is there a way to prevent damaging corrosion in the first place? There are three basic ways:

  1. Keep your vehicle from getting dents, dings and scratches in the first place – take special care when parking, etc.
  2. Protect your vehicle from moisture and corrosives by keeping it in a climate-controlled area whenever possible and washing away road grime as soon as it collects.
  3. Regularly inspect the exterior surfaces and have every scratch and blemish attended to immediately before paint is weakened and metal is exposed.

None of these is totally reasonable in Madison WI, but they do sense. A good proactive inspection routine will spot minor problems when there’s time to act. Washing off road salt and grime as often as possible keeps corrosives away from any metal exposed by a chip of scratch. When metal is exposed to the elements, it’s just a matter of time before rust begins to form. Ultimately, rust weakens the surrounding parts of the vehicle – rust near the windshield, for example, can eventually lead to a major crack in the glass.

Dents Require Auto Body Repairs

An impact that causes a dent – with another vehicle, a guard rail or a piece of debris bounced out of pothole – needs immediate inspection. Even something that appears minor can alter the alignment of the vehicle and even damage the frame. Slight misalignment leaves the vehicle with handling issues and makes it unsafe. Safety issues often hide behind seemingly minor dents.

Even dents in plastic parts can be signs of serious issues below the surface.

Minor damage that looks purely cosmetic, can be a symptom of a real danger. Like scrapes and scratches on people, left untreated even minor blemishes become bigger, deeper and more invasive. And, they become more difficult to fix.

Professionals Have Training And Tools For The Job

When you need a scratch, chip or dent removed from your vehicle in Madison WI, call Auto Color first. Visit either of our two complete auto body shop locations in the Madison WI area – West on Parmenter Road in Middleton and East on Stoughton Road. These professionally-equipped shops serve all of Dane County including Verona, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Sauk City, McFarland, Middleton, Monona, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie and Deforest.

Call Auto Color Middleton at 608-831-9554 or Auto Color East Madison at 608-221-5041, or email us to connect with automotive specialists with the right tools and expert training is auto body painting  and all auto body repairs in Madison WI.

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