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Dings, dents and scratches don’t become serious concerns when you don’t delay professional vehicle dent repair.

“Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today,” is good advice when it comes to even minor vehicle dent repair. Dings, scratches and dents are facts of life for Madison WI drivers. They are unavoidable. But you can minimize the long-term damage with fast action.

There are dozens of ways your car, truck or SUV collects its blemishes. In most cases, people have large, prominent dents repaired immediately. However, it’s easy to overlook small, seemingly inconsequential blemishes. “It is not worth the effort” is a common response to a small ding, dent or scratch. At first, these blemishes are thought of as irritation rather than damage. And, if your vehicle is older, you tend to look at them as “just one of those things that happen.” They are relegated to the “to do list” for another day.

Unfortunately if that day doesn’t come your car’s integrity can be compromised. You don’t know what’s going on deep within that scratch or beneath that dent.

A dent is never unimportant no matter how small. There are good reasons for fixing dents as soon as they occur. And, with modern technology repairs go faster and are less costly than ever.

Basic Reasons For Vehicle Dent Repair

With a major impact leaving a large dent it’s easy to see the need for immediate repairs. With smaller dents it’s just as easy to put delay. The most basic reason for immediate action is when a dent reduces your vehicles ability to function properly. Fixing those requires no thought. But, fixing small problems before then getting bigger is just as important. Consider two of the most serious long-term problems:

  1. Rust and corrosion – dents are unsightly but they do their real damage beneath the surface. The cause cracks in paint and clear coat. Left untreated water seeps under the paint right to unprotected metal. Slowly it causes the metal to oxidize. When the little dent was a rust spot grows. You may hardly notice at first, but it won’t stop growing until it is larger and more obvious than the original dent.
  2. Extended paint damage – Wisconsin weather, exposure to the sun, washing and road debris all add to the stress on even the best paint. Cracks get wider and go deeper. Paint begins to chip, flake and peel right down to its original sealant. Once bare metal is exposed to the elements – in many case you can’t even see it – it is a matter of time before rust and corrosion damage it.

Auto Body Work Reflects Pride In Ownership

Vehicle Dent Repair | Madison WI | AutoColor

Ouch! Careless drivers in parking lots account for the majority of dings, dents and scratches. Prompt repairs take the sting out of these run-ins and prolong the life of your vehicle.

There are basic concerns for the car itself. Additional reasons for immediate action deserve attention as well. Among them are three that impact you personally:

  1. Cost of repairs – fixing small dents is almost always cheaper than fixing rust spots and damaged paint. If you wait until road salt and exposure to sunlight take a toll the fix is more complicated – and the price tag is larger. Modern paintless technologies make repairs quicker, cleaner and less apparent, too.
  2. Personal safety considerations – small dings, dents and scratches might mask more serious problem. A small blemish on the surface can hide structural damage beneath. Take, for example the flexible bumper covers most newer cars have. They minimize low-impact damage but problems behind the bumper can be worse than a dent on the surface. Looks can be deceiving.
  3. Reduced Value – mechanical performance is vital, but is a car or truck doesn’t look good, it’s overall value declines. Unrepaired dents, no matter how small, show a level of neglect. If you’re considering trading any time soon, taking care of blemishes as they happen will bring a better price.

The final, underlying reason for touching up minor blemishes is basic pride in ownership. Your car, truck or SUV reflects your personality. You take good care of what’s under the hood and you keep it clean and shining. So, fixing dings and dents makes sense, too.

Know A Ding From A Dent

What is the difference between a ding and a dent? Does it make a difference? Professional auto body technicians usually define the two differently while owners interchange the words freely.  Basically, they are:

  • A Ding – slight damage usually limited to about ½-inch in diameter. It does no damage to the paint surface or leave anything exposed to potential rust. Unsupervised shopping cars, carelessly opened doors and occasional road debris are causes of many dings.
  • A Dent – larger, more extensive damage to surfaces where anything from minor adjustments and new paint to replacing entire panels are the cures.

The two basic differences in ding vs. dent come down to two words: size and cost. Dents are bigger and cost more to fix.

Dings are prime candidates for modern paintless repairs. These high-tech repairs apply to some dents as well, but not always. Because metal stretches under certain conditions, paintless repair isn’t always viable. If the paint has been damaged (cracker or chipped) or the metal surface creased it will have to be reshaped and repainted.

Never Undervalue Professional Vehicle Dent Repair

Many drivers put off minor repairs they consider cosmetic and many attempt to fix it themselves. Both approaches have consequences that can impact long-term performance, appearance and value.

If you leave your vehicle in public parking areas, at work or play, you will get “dinged.” It’s a sure bet. When you do, seeking professional help is a wise choice. When it’s time to take action check in with one of AutoColor’s Madison area locations – West on Parmenter Road in Middleton and East on Stoughton Road. AutoColor is a minor body shop specializing in these often undervalued basic repairs. Whether you need a professional car wash and detailing or paint, glass and body repairs call AutoColor. Put the latest technology and trained technicians to work on your vehicle dent repair in the Madison WI area.

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