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The severity and the type of damage directly impacts the time your vehicle is in the body shop in Madison WI. click to enlarge

Body shop repairs take time. In the industry it’s called “cycle time,” or how long an auto body repair to be completed. Each repair is unique and there are multiple factors affecting the time in the body shop.

The severity of the damage on your car definitely affects how long it will be in the body shop as well as the nature of the damage. Is the damaged area a glancing blow or a direct hit? Was the impact at a higher or lower speed? Was the collision straight or at an angle?

All of these factors contribute to a unique auto body repair.

Using OEM Parts Can Shorten Body Shop Time

As a rule of thumb, the use of Original Equipment (OEM) parts can contribute to speedier repairs. Below are a couple of reasons –

  • An OEM part will fit properly. Body shop technicians can install OEM parts quickly and continue to the next step in the body repair. If parts do not fit right, the auto Body Shop technician is forced to try and make the part fit properly. When doing so, the quality of the repair could be compromised or even the final appearance of the body repair. Another option is trying another part. There is another day or more of delay when another part is ordered.
  • Aftermarket parts are usually manufactured to fit nearly as well as the OEM part. But it does not always happen. If you are unlucky and get a “problem” aftermarket replacement part, you are destined for more body shop time in Madison WI.
  • Automakers do not recommend the use of salvage parts. However, occasionally salvage parts are specified for the body repair. When this occurs, salvage parts may require reconditioning. This can include cleaning, removal of small dents and having the paint completely sanded prior to installation on the car being repaired. Using a salvage part almost always extends the time needed for a body repair.
  • The use of multiple parts suppliers may slow the repair process.

Auto Body Shop Options In Madison WI

Many times, the body shop is authorized to write an estimate for the body repair. These estimates are accepted by the insurers. This step can often reduce body shop time. Other times, the insurer requires its own adjuster to look at the damage. This will usually add a day to the process.

Whatever the situation turns out to be, ask the body shop how long repairs will take. Everyone involved wants you back on the road as soon as possible – you, the auto body shop and the insurer.

If you are looking for the most cost effective body repair in Madison WI, Auto Color routinely identifies multiple repair options.

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