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Is the damage less serious than it looks? Minor fender-bender damages are efficiently repaired by auto body shops that specialize in these less critical mishaps.

Fender-bender repair keeps auto body shops busy when ice and snow pack Madison WI roadways. Even a relatively minor incident is stressful but it needn’t be a big problem. Minimizing the effects of a minor collision begins immediately. On ice-slicked roads there are two likely collisions: two or more vehicles come together, or your vehicles slides into a stationary object (fire hydrant, sign post, etc.).

The first step in getting your car back in shape is to assess the damage. Start by taking pictures. Take a lot of pictures from as many angles as you think. Of clear photos will be helpful to repair technician and expected by insurance adjusters. If the accident was on the road, good photos of the overall scene help, too.

Select The Right Body Shop For Fender-bender Repair

Getting you vehicle repaired right should be you top priority. With that in mind, you don’t have to rely upon your insurance company for recommendations on body shops to work with. Insurance companies work out deals with their “preferred” repair shops. In the end, it is up to you where you take your car to get it repaired. Insurance companies cannot dictate where you go. Nor can they dictate what you fix. They may “total” a car and provide you with a lump sum payout. That does not mean you cannot or should not repair the vehicle. Its value to you is what’s important, not its value on paper. Your bottom line should be based upon:

  1. How much the vehicle is worth to you – basic transportation, etc.
  2. Will the vehicle be safe on the road for family and other drivers.
Fender-bender Repair | Madison WI | AutoColor

Document your fender-bender with pictures… lots of pictures from all angles.

The term fender-bender is used to mean a minor collision resulting in “dings” and dents. No major structural damage. Once the paperwork is sorted and you decide to go ahead with repairs, timing is crucial. Lingering, especially in winter, allows little things to become bigger, more serious things.

The No. 1 threat is paint damage that leaves basic metal exposed to the elements. And the elements this time of year are brutal. On top of the moisture and extreme cold road salt and sand combine to eat away at your paint and body work. Not even plastic parts are immune – where a crack has started and paint damaged changes in temperature wear away materials. When temperatures dip below zero plastic gets brittle and little cracks become bigger.

Minor Damage Auto Body Specialists

When you don’t need your vehicle rebuilt, just put back into shape, a specialized auto body shop like AutoColor is a wise choice. Your dollars go further when the shop you choose specializes in what you need.

The clear enemy of all vehicles, old and new, is a four letter word: RUST. Any action that opens a vehicle’s protective paint or clearcoat surface to corrosive elements is a danger to be reckoned with. When looking for a repair shop to handle your fender-bender needs, consider facilities that specialize in:

  • Vehicle rust repair – a shop with the ability to protect against rust and deal with it once it has gotten a foothold.
  • Dings, dents and scratch repairs – they appear minor on the outside but underneath they’re an open door to corrosives.
  • Paintless dent repair – with many bumpers and panels created from plastics skilled technicians with high-tech gear remove and repair dents without repaiting.
  • Bumper specialists – the bumper got its name by being the first line of defense in a minor mishap. Repairing and replacing bumpers takes skill, experience and training.

Plastic bumper repair has become a science and most drivers have no idea what can be done. Everything from scuffs, dents and cracks are returned to “like new” condition with the proper technique.

Getting you vehicle into like new condition includes renewing its luster and shine. That means protecting its paint. After a minor collision matching weathered paint is an extreme challenge. Working with the newest technologies to provide the least invasive repair is what paintless dent removal is all about. The finish is corrupted. Combining skilled dent removal with scratch repair is the key to getting the “never knew it was damaged” result.

Seek Expertise For Minor Auto Body Repairs

AutoColor calls iiself a “minor body shop” because it specializes in correcting the impact of these minor incidents. If you’ve had an unfortunate coming together this winter driving season, check  in with one of AutoColor’s two Madison area location – West on Parmenter Road in Middleton and East on Stoughton Road. Whether it’s for a professional car wash and detailing or serious repairs AutoColor is ready. Let skilled technicians use the latest technology to complete your fender-bender repair in Madison WI.

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