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Car detailing is tougher than many think – and it shows in the results

Detailing your car is an easy concept to understand. However, to actually detail a vehicle and achieve the results a car detailing professional can is another challenge all together.

The first question to ask yourself is, ‘what do I think I know?’. This question is often very difficult to answer because you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. And, not knowing when it comes to car paint and finishes can be expensive. Consider the following –

  • Auto finishes have evolved over the years. Different generations of paint types and clear coats vary. Coupled with the softness or hardness of a scratch, there is one way to fix it correctly and multiple ways to cause further damage. A repair without this understanding can be the beginning of a much larger problem.
  • Stains on the paint can vary and some can be treated while others cannot.
  • Rubbing and polishing compounds used to clean your car’s finish are all abrasives. If you do not know which ones can enhance your finish and which ones can damage your finish you could be asking for trouble.

Reasons To Choose A Pro When Auto Detailing

When auto detail results matter, professionals specializing in car detailing will deliver the best possible results. The combination of knowledge, skill and equipment cannot be equaled by the average car owner. Below are just a few reasons you should choose a detail professional –

Car Detailing | Auto Color |Madison WI | Middleton

Auto detailing pros can create a fantastic turnaround for your vehicle

  • Professionals have the right detail equipment and know how to use it:
    There are a number of things you can do yourself. However, most people do not have all of the equipment needed to do a professional quality detailing.
  • Professionals have experience and skill:
    Not only do auto detailing experts have the proper equipment and tools, they know the finishes, the substances to be treated or removed and possess the skill needed for successful car detailing. They have done the repair you need 100’s if not 1,000’s of times and are therefore very skillful. Can you get it right your first time?
  • Inexperience can cost a great deal – Poor car detailing can create a bigger problem:
    Auto detailing seems easy. However, more often than not it is more complicated than it seems. One mistake with a solvent or a polish could mean hundreds of dollars in repair costs. If you detail your vehicle, you are assuming the responsibility for knowing the correct solvents and polishes to use on your car’s finish. When you get it wrong, correcting the mistakes is usually much more expensive than a high quality detail done by a pro.
  • Hiring a professional saves you time and stress:
    Think about the time it takes to properly detail a car. At Auto Color, depending on the vehicle, our experienced crew will spend from 4 to 6 hours in an average car detailing project. Having a pro detail your car will save you a lot of time, usually with better results.
  • Protect the exterior of your vehicle
    There are so many damaging road elements putting the exterior of your vehicle at risk. This includes insects, tar, road salt, snow, sun and heat. The only reliable way to protect your car’s finish from damage is to work with an experienced and knowledgeable auto detailing pro.
  • A regularly scheduled detail will help your cars great looks last longer
    If you are selling your car, having a clean, well maintained car will help you compete in the used car market. Buyers are looking for the best value. Not only will you impress with a great looking machine, but the way a car looks implies greater care and is inherently more valuable to buyers. Besides, driving a clean, good looking vehicle is more enjoyable.

PLEASE Avoid Our Car Detailing Hall Of Shame

Auto Detailing | Auto Color | Madison WI | Middleton

Show your car a little love with a professional Auto Color detailing

Deciding how you will get your auto detailing done can be a fateful decision. Below are a few examples of do-it-yourselfers incurring additional expense because of lack of knowledge, skill or by using incorrect tools. These attempts were all corrected by our Auto Color staff –

  • Tried to remove tar with steel wool or SOS pads
  • Attempted to scrape a substance off the paint with a razor blade – cutting the paint
  • Used power buffer or drill buffing attachment to burn through clear coat
  • Added aerosol paint and buffed paint, burning through surrounding good finish
  • Used rubbing compound too aggressively because of inexperience exposing various depths of clear coat, color, primer, etc.

For assistance with your car detailing or to get answers to detail questions you have, contact the Auto Color auto detailing pros. You can also visit either of our two locations in the Madison WI area – on Parmenter Road in Middleton or the Stoughton Road – Buckeye Road location.

Auto Color’s convenient locations provide easy access for surrounding cities including Verona, Waunakee, Fitchburg, Sauk City, McFarland, Middleton, Monona, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie and Deforest and all of Dane County.

Call Auto Color at 608-831-9554 or email us for help with auto body needs or your auto detailing in Madison WI.

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