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A clean view in one swipe provides a feeling of security in foul weather.

Keeping a clean windshield is important for several reasons. Each contributes to safe driving in the Madison WI area. Aquapel glass treatments are reliable, easy to apply and long-lasting.

Obviously, clean windows make travel more pleasant. Nobody likes driving or riding around in a haze – especially one caused by a dirty windshield. Clean windows are safer, especially in bad weather. When a typical Wisconsin storm blows in a dirty windshield reduces vision. And, your windshield wipers will have to work harder to keep the field of view clean.

Windshield maintenance begins with good wiper blades and clean glass. Professionals recommend cleaning wiper blades regularly – and alcohol wipe works well. And they note that bugs should be removed as soon as possible, especially in hot weather. Insects contain resins and proteins that make a mess and hinder wiper performance.

Clean Windshield Inside, Too

When you drive toward the sun does your windshield look foggy? You can scrub the outside as often as you want, but it won’t get at another common problem. A film builds up on the inside. It’s from oil off fingers and hands, smudges, pollutants in the atmosphere and the gas vinyl gives off. Grime reduces visibility at critical times – driving into the sun or glaring lights is already a threat to safe driving.

Use a micro fiber cloth to clean the inside of the windshield – there are several specialty tools with extended handles available to help you reach to the bottom over a wide dashboard. Note – clean the outside first so you get the smudges inside.

Aquapel Applications Enhance Safety

Aquapel | Madison WI | Auto Color

If you are an off-roader, keeping your windshield clean is harder than most – not with the right glass treatment.

Clear visibility is key to safe driving in every condition but never more than in bad weather or at night. Applying high-tech compounds developed for the aviation industry to keep windshields clean makes sense. We recommend repairing any windshield chips you may have.

There’s another important consideration, too. A windshield kept clean has a longer lifespan than one constantly coated in dirt and road grime.

Rain coats windshields with a mix of oils and debris. A windshield allowed to remain coated after it rains makes clean vision impossible. It compares to looking at the world through someone else’s glasses.

Aquapel glass treatment is a patented fluorinated compound that repels water. Applied correctly, it lasts up to 6 months. That’s much longer than standard silicone-based solutions. It bonds to glass to seal and protect the surface. Rain beads up and rolls off. Wipers get right to the glass surface the first time. A single application reduces the glare of headlights and street lights in dry and wet weather. It also reduces water marks and protects glass from salt water – ideal for boats and recreational vehicles, too.

Aquapel Advantages Make Sense

The bottom line with any window treatment is to make sure you see clearly at all times. When you have unobstructed visibility you drive safer. Keeping your windshield clean benefits you, your passengers and everyone on the roads.

Consider the immediate advantages:

  • One treatment repels rain and snow for up to 6 months
  • It makes it easier to clear off ice, snow and even dirt/mud
  • Reduces glare, especially at night
  • It reduces water marks and stains
  • Performance can be renewed quickly and easily

Auto Color provides a wide range of services for vehicle care and repair. Visit either Madison area location for complete auto body shop options – West on Parmenter Road in Middleton and East on Stoughton Road. We’ll show you how Aquapel glass treatments provide a clean windshield and keep you safer driving in the Madison WI area.


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