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Professional Car Waxing – Vehicle Detailing Extends Car Life

Professional Car Waxing | Vehicle Detailing | Madison WI | Auto Color

Attention to every small detail brings back the showroom glow and protects any vehicle’s surface.

Even a car fresh off the dealer’s lot can benefit from a professional car waxing. Some think modern car finishes don’t need to be waxed regularly. Not so. An overall waxing as part of a vehicle detailing service protects the paint and the clear coat. When you wax your ride in Madison WI you’re preserving the original oils in the factor-applied paint to help prevent oxidation.

There are elements in everyday life that damage a vehicle’s finish, including: Continue reading

Conventional Dent Repair Basics – Madison WI

Dent Repair | Dent Removal | Madison WI | Auto Color | Middleton WI

Conventional dent repair requires damaged paint to be repaired and the stretched metal to be pulled as close to original, but still slightly concave

Conventional dent repair and paintless dent repair are often times confused.

Most people just want their cars fixed and the dent repair completed. They would also like to have a high quality dent repair and spend as little money as possible.

Too many people who have had the option of using a paintless dent repair process, the concept of just “popping” out a dent is an easy one. However, for this option to be used, there are a couple of factors determining whether paintless dent repair is even an option.

First – the finish cannot be broken with a scratch, scrape or chip. If the finish is broken, while the dent can be removed, the broken finish will eventually allow rust.

Second – the metal cannot be stretched. If the metal is stretched, it will have more surface area than the dimensions of the dent itself. In other words, there will be too much surface area to fit into the original contours of the panel with the dent. If the metal is pulled out too far the panel would actually have a lump. Continue reading

Paintless Dent Repair Defined In Madison WI

Paintless Dent Repair | Dent Removal | Madison WI | Auto Color

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, can remove dents when the finish of the car is not harmed or broken

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, is an auto body industry recognized dent removal process. It involves the removal of hail dents and other types of damage on exterior surface panels without disturbing a vehicle’s finish.

How Paintless Dent Repair Works

In the majority of cases, the paintless dent repair procedure involves using specialized tools for applying pressure to the backsides of panels to remove surface indentations.

A second paintless dent repair technique involves bonding a “tab” or another device to the exterior of a panel. When the “tab” is affixed, the dent is then pulled out from the outside of the panel. Continue reading

Interior Car Detailing Requires Time, Knowledge, Equipment, Supplies And Skill

Interior Car Detailing | Madison WI | Auto Color

Interior Car Detailing requires, time, knowledge, ability, proper tools, special equipment and appropriate chemicals and solvents.

Car detailing has many levels of clean.

And, for many reasons, there are cleaning tasks auto detailers can do better and more efficiently than nearly all car owners. Consider the following –

  • Time Required – A pro will take up to six hours to properly complete an interior car detailing. And that is with professional equipment, chemicals and knowledge to use them. What can you supply to the project beyond the time?
  • Knowledge – with interior car detailing, stains, scratches, rips, and other problems all require specific knowledge in how to correct or repair a problem. Car detailing professionals know when to use water based solutions and when to use cleaning agents or chemicals. They also know how to agitate on the area needing attention to get the best results. And, the pros can do this without harming the surface being treated.

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Do You Need To Wax A Car?

Time to wax a car - AutoColor - Madison - Middleton WI

When you do not wax a car, blemishes like this will abrade your finish (see below)

One of the most common questions we hear is exactly what the headline asks, ‘do you need to wax a car?’. People think modern car finishes are made to not be waxed, but it simply is not true. You should wax a car to protect the paint and clear coat. When you wax a car you preserve oils in the paint helping to prevent oxidation.

It’s not uncommon for car owners to be diligent with regular engine maintenance of their vehicle and ignore the exterior completely. This can lead to a great running car with a dull finish, or even worse, a finish with ugly, uncorrectable blemishes. These blemishes actually are spots or areas where the finish has been compromised. Reduced protection leads to oxidation, rust and overall failure. And, if you think your car is not exposed to damaging elements, think again. Listed below are common, everyday threats to a car’s finish that should motivate car owners to wax a car. Continue reading